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Tesla’s Tower, Wardenclyffe

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I was pleased to hear the Tesla workshop at Wardenclyffe, near the shut Shoreham, NY nuclear plant and Brookhaven National Laboratory has been saved for a science museum. Designed by his friend the famous architect Stanford White, perhaps its might be listed in a national register of historic places too, as many of Stanford White’s are. Years ago, the Suffolk County Archaeology Association considered it as a problem while I was there in grad school. An engineering student showed me the remains of Stanford White’s windmill, (125′ tall?) diagrammed in Scientific American as I recall, on his north shore estate near Stony Brook, NY where he also designed a small church in the “shingle style”. The windmill tower burned in the early 1960s a landmark for those on the waters of the Long Island Sound for many years. Maybe he helped therefore to design Tesla’s Tower. All that remains of the windmill are the cast in Baltimore iron stanchions once anchoring it to the ground, bulldozed over the “cliff”.

Why we need more space adventure – comment

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As a attendee to an early Sci-fi convention in NYC, after watching “Silent Running” in a theater there, I would have to agree. But not because of the film, but because of what was said. A very good argument was made in one of the speakers talks about the link between science education and sci-fi, that sci-fi actually encourages science in the schools, which at the time, had fallen and was threatened with much fiscal “trimming”. Unrealistically it was thought the root cause of unrest and I would argue the wrong kind of “science” i.e., warfare without representation, the problem, not high school science. So, io9 is right for what I think, very good reasons. Our science fiction writers are often doing just that, encouraging scientific thinking.

Coeur De Lion Publishing – Makers of Fine Australian Speculative Fiction

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“Berlin to New York in less than One Hour”

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Science and Mechanics Nov 1931 cover“Berlin to New York in less than One Hour!” – In the November 1931 “Everyday Science and Mechanics” magazine published until 1984. Recent Wikimedia Commons scanned cover addition.

Interesting artistic rendition of the NYC harbor and the many wharves for ships. Governors Island looks a bit different too. Notice the three bridges: Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg, a great “birds-eye” view. I once made a map tracing the outlines of lower Manhattan as it “evolved” outward from various historic maps that showed the shorelines and once exhibited at “New York Unearthed” museum at 17 State Street, back in the early days of consumer digitizing tablets. One theory is that economic “recession” actually resulted in land-filling “expansion” as reported by a French observer who wrote that we had seemed to have solved the unemployment problem after the Revolutionary War, as upwards of 5,000 veterans worked in leveling and filling former domestic and military sites around the island. It appears to have started earlier, “slips” then filled, then many wharves, and as you can see in 1931, covering the entire harbor! Since 1971 the control of the shoreline is under the US Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction.

Is this where the band “Kinks” comes from? I imagine it’s a word we still use sometimes, though appears in different use then?

Listening to Hot Tuna “Steady as She Goes” Released April 4, 2011 on the Amazon Cloud Player.

Civil War | The New York Times (2)

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Pulverized I read toward the end of the war by the Union, I seem to recall two large R.P. Parrott "rifles" were later found walled up in it. I worked in the Foundry Cove next to the West Point Foundry and Constitution Island where they were made and we found an R.P. Parrott gun platform used as a "Swamp Angel" bombarding Charleston in 1863 with incendiaries. EPA Marathon Battery Superfund National Priority remediation batteries for Nike missiles made there later, "apropos". Civil War | The New York Times (2)

Draw the Curtains: Gigapixel Cameras Create Highly Revealing Snapshots [Slide Show]

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“Researchers are developing cameras that can take digital snapshots made up of more than a billion pixels”

If they are reading this the site referenced has a picture labeled “Seattle OR” which of course should be Seattle, WA. I worked with a Rollei close-range photogrammetry system, a medium-format camera, though 35mm was also available, in development as Intel 80387 (i387) math chip made the process available from a number of photos registered on a large tablet which allowed 3D measurements from software to be obtained from a sequence of photos, (or photo) with the factory documented camera and lens for aberration or distortion. I think this method might aid the science of close-range photogrammetry, where very accurate measurements are needed. Was that pipe on the oil platform, to be replaced, as it was on the “blueprint”, or how much needs to be adjusted, or other uses, accidents, preservation, “as-builts” etc.

Scientific American article comment.

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Glenn Close Explains Her Cameo In Lewd Navy Video

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I was just watching “Mind Meld” (2001) I bought and gave for the holidays, with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in an unmoderate­d interview. Towards the end Mr. Nimoy, who once served in the US Army, dons a USS Vulcan cap, from the US Coast Guard vessel and shows a USS Enterprise cap under it he keeps on his shelf. I would hope an apology to Glenn Close is in order. She’s an honorary Riverkeepe­r of the Hudson River in NY/NJ, as is Harrison Ford.  Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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Grandma was a nanny on Bedloe’s Island (Liberty Island)

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Liberty scattered

By Jason KottkeDec 13, 2010Post to Twittermagazines security The New Republic

A few clicks in Irfanview, “Negative” and “Sepia” and you have a “Brave New World”:


They could catalogue tatoos!

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