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Captain Kirk to Major Tom

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Nice interview. I worked in HAZMAT in the early 1990s and was shown that when people wore the then highest protection, Level A, there was no way to communicate by radio, and one relied on gestures. A company came up with a radio which they stated could communicate with the ISS from a helicopter, for use in HAZMAT. Of course I wonder if that actually happened, but I could sleep a little better, having been in HAZMAT suit in 90+ weather on a tennis court at the old Bellevue Nursing School and the Elmsford Fire Center a number of times. All in the name of Federal archeology.

William Shatner’s post


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02/13/2013 at 9:08 am

Scientists plan bake sale to save cash-strapped NASA

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Do think the government should continue to fund space exploration? – MSN now

Newspeak “Do think…” I thinks it should as a member of the Planetary Society, which consists of many members from many nations on planet Earth. In the spirit of cooperation the US government could continue to fund space exploration that has kept the interests of the many citizens of the planet excited about the Universe around us along with the research of other nations now also in space. I think(s) “Was it Sir Arthur C. Clarke who warned of a new “Tower of Babel” of communications satellites that just reinforce individual (ethnic) cultures and language without international cooperation?” Though the sir is dropped in New Zealand, they launch near space sounding rockets and make available research payloads to any and all. The spirit of internationalism aboard Captain Husband’s ill-fated Columbia space shuttle should not be abandoned or forgotten.

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Comment: Alec Baldwin – A 9/11 Conversation

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“NYers on 9/11 unfortunat­ely had the double slam, that defined without question, that terrorists were seeking to punish the US in retributio­n for some perceived grievous error committed. If it were "eye for an eye" I hope it was not over Iran Flight 655 shot down July 3, 1988 by the USS Vincennes. It was flying to Dubai from Iran in the Persian Gulf (or "Arabian Gulf" toponym proposed).

"The largest scale fuel dumping occurred on September 11, 2001, when many internatio­nal flights were refused American airspace entry due to numerous hijacking incidents. Many of these internatio­nal flights were fueled for travel well into the American interior. Many such flights were diverted into Canadian airspace, Newfoundla­nd specifical­ly, or instructed to return to their point of origin. For those mid-flight aircraft unable to land safely due to excessive fuel weight, dumping became necessary.­"  – Wikipedia

To turn it on its head, regular fuel dumping? Can it be stopped?”

Alec Baldwin – A 9/11 Conversation Huffington Post

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Willow Grove, PA

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CO's HousePatrol Road, "Shenandoah Woods"Shovel testingBark carvingFawnFawn
Shovel testing.Old artifacts.Old artifacts.Rip-rapFlood controlStorm drains
Water drainFormer store.Building 121"Call Before You Dig"Orion DriveStorm drain
Water manifold.ValveFormer gate2011-06-27T18-49-32Surface finds.Dressed stone

Willow Grove, PA, a set on Flickr.

Interesting place in the course of human aerial and other events.

Via Flickr:
Part of a larger archaeology testing of the Naval Air Station Willow Grove, PA as the US Navy turns over some properties for other uses. Site of the development of the Pitcairn-Cierva Autogyro and successful airmail carriers before sale of field to the US by Harold Pitcairn. Research here also led to numerous developments in aviation and aerospace, i.e., in navigation, GPS. A rented Trimble GeoXH GPS with ESRI ArcPad for GIS integration and recording of tests and features was used.

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Meet the Bachmanns’ “Ex-Lesbian” Friend – Slate

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I just came back from there, near Norristown, PA. It’s next to Willow Grove where VP Biden’s wife is from. The NAVY has left the joint reserve services there and I was part of an archaeology survey for cultural resources required before it’s turned over in part of all (8000 ft. runway) to the local governmen. I could see how growing up there as a person of color might have been a problem, a religious area, or so it appears by the various religious orgaizations as “business” signs along the various highways, something can’t say I’ve see that much elsewhere. Very suburban about 20 miles from Philadelphia, it’s also becoming very large scale business centered. “Vertical Screen” 24/7 “background” checking “green” world headquarters opened on the “brownfield” site of former Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) there in Warminster, PA.

Meet the Bachmanns’ “Ex-Lesbian” Friend

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Last chance to Send Your Name to Mars! Closes June 13, 2011.

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Lunar Networks: China plans lunar research base

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George Myers said…
The "ferrous titanium oxides" reminded me of some research I’d done in North Creek, NY. In the Adirondacks were the titanium oxide mines at Tahawas. An older 19th century iron foundry was nearby and found the "titaniferous magnitite" difficult and was later researched. It’s said the tanks in WWII in Europe were painted with it to camo them in snow. The State of NY recently did some restoration work in the "ghost" village of "Adirondac". Henry Ford wanted to buy it for auto production. During WWII rail was laid up to the mines from the North Creek garnet mine railhead and the "world’s largest titanium mine" was in operation until the 1960s. It is also where then VP Teddy Roosevelt was first sworn in as President after the death of William McKinley. A St. Joseph native American had led explorers to a dam described as all iron.
May 15, 2011 8:55 PM  China plans lunar research base

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