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Sarah Palin, "Mama Grizzlies," Carl Jung, and the Power of Archetypes

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In the Libby Museum on Lake Winnipesaukee ("smile of the Great Spirit") in Wolfeboro, NH, "America’s Oldest Resort" celebrating 250 years since royal Governor Wentworth summered from Portsmouth to the Lakes Region, is an interesting exhibit case of three skeletons: a human, a bear and an orangutan. As they are standing there is a striking similarity between the human and the bear, except for the bear head which is decidedly "canine". If they’re standing like grizzlies I imagine the country going to the proverbial "dogs"! After the American Revolution John Wentworth was Governor of Nova Scotia, the only political survivor, though his accuser of nepotism, Peter Livius was appointed one of the chief justices of Canada.

Nearby in Wolfeboro Falls is another interesting museum the Wright Museum of World War II, designed by the consultant who designed the Holocaust Museum in D.C. I say that because to the contrary, Carl G. Jung worked for the Allies, not for the Axis as had been alleged. It’s also reported that the former US Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Dole and wife live in Wolfeboro, purchasing a judge’s place, a friend they often visited. It would explain the former VP Dan Quayle sighting in town before a presidential primary past, perhaps the one the Patrick Buchanan, won over George W. Bush then.

Seems silly, bears are often shot when they become problems, lately some have attacked people. It’s also thought in prehistory that they may have passed syphilis over to humans, where children huddled together for warmth and the remains of bears kept nearby, bears thought the vector. Thought fearsome, the largest predator on Earth is the Polar Bear, theory changes where they were found, grizzlies, that is, earlier in the inter-montane Rocky Mountains area thought to be where the earliest of settlers had come from today’s Alaska, putting a more "coastal migration" back in the lead for the "good, better, best" theory of settlement of the Western Hemisphere. Long may it wave on the flag of the State of California. It’s indirectly on the State of Alaska’s flag, the "Great Bear" Ursa Major or the "Big Dipper" or "Plough, Drinking Gourd" a guide to Polaris, the North Star, off its lip.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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270-Year-Old Almshouse Discovered Under City Hall Park — Daily Intel

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Much of its cemetery is thought further to the north, under the watchful eyes of the Horace Greeley statue, where he sits in a chair, said to have said “Go west young man and grow up with the country”. Nearby is a monument to Joseph Pulitzer from the days when reporters would clamber at the fence for a story from City Hall, “Newspaper Row” across the street. In 1999 some of the burials were found in the security and other improvements to City Hall Park under then Mayor Giuliani, who came out to see our work a couple of times. Most were treated where they were and left in situ, discovered in the upgrades to the City Hall Park, I recall then ~$17 mil?

Another ceremony was being conducted over the Federal cemetery, in 1999, the “Middle Passage” the term for the roughest part of Atlantic Ocean crossing, where those who hadn’t survived were said to be dumped overboard, was commemorated, from a terrible time when slavery in the US had to be fought and Great Britain blockaded Africa from slave-running. The tribute left the Roberto Clemente State Park, at the Harlem River dockside and for every burial removed at the now African Burial Ground National Monument, a mile was traveled out into the Atlantic and there the sculpture commissioned, like two standing whale ribs, was dumped into the ocean. It was reported that small replicas of the sculpture were sold in the Caribbean.

I am glad the impact-directed and archaeological monitoring has finally found the “elusive” so-called “First Almshouse” though some of New Amsterdam’s earliest settlers were youths from Holland’s almshouses who stayed at Isaac Allerton’s Warehouse, outside “The Wall”. A monument was placed there over a century ago by The Mayflower Society, today, gone and the parking lot in the South Street Historic District, used by many to visit there and the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Allerton Ave. is an exit between the Bronx Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo) and the Bronx Botanical Gardens on the Nation’s oldest motor parkway, the Bronx River Parkway.

270-Year-Old Almshouse Discovered Under City Hall Park — Daily Intel  By georgejmyersjr on 06/04/2010 at 4:04pm

IceCube Neutrino Observatory

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“Located at the South Pole, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory will, as its name implies, look for tiny, subatomic particles called neutrinos, which are produced by nuclear reactions that take place in the cores of stars and in other deep-space phenomena.”

Cutting Edge Science at the Bottom of the World

– Jeremy Berg in The Daily Cardinal – University of Wisconsin, Madison

Carl G. Jung would have been impressed too I’m sure. He and Wolfgang Pauli and Jungian analyses is where I first heard about the “neutrino” problem. Great project I hope it leads to better info.

I have great hopes for the new national center for “neutron activation” which can find quantitative info for those pesky trace elements, once thought to assist in the origins of minerals to sources, i.e., turquoise traded to Aztecs from which ancient mine in the American Southwest, a real archaeology chemistry project in part funded by the National Science Foundation at Brookhaven National Lab with Phil Weigand, PhD. and Emeritus Garman Harbottle. Maybe we can put some of those heads back on the right statues and find where they were mined.

Big difference between neutrinos and neutrons however see: Nobel winners Wolfgang Pauli

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Monday Puzzle: The Lady or the Toaster? – TierneyLab Blog –

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Solutions, including standing behind the “skinjob” are fascinating. Are the bots “Tempest” compliant? Human conspirator conducts “TEAPOT – “A short name referring to the investigation, study, and control of intentional compromising emanations (i.e., those that are hostilely induced or provoked) from telecommunications and automated information systems equipment.” (NSA) Hardware resets. Humans “Shoot without shooting”?

Monday Puzzle: The Lady or the Toaster? – TierneyLab Blog –

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Today was the 1st Father’s Day in 1910 or some experience in human “bones” in archaeology…not 1st woman in space 1983

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I have had some experience in that aspect of archaeology, though not directly as described. A unmarked Shaker cemetery outside Dayton, Ohio was disturbed by bulldozers where it was thought not to be. The Ohio “Watervliet Shaker” community was named after the Shaker Society founding in New York state. Arriving 8/6/1774, as “conscientious objectors” they settled near Albany, NY in Watervliet in 1776, (“Shaker ‘family’ formed”) creating the “Shaker Society”. The first organized Shaker Society community was in New Lebanon, NY in 1788. They later occupied the Ohio site (and others in other states) until the early decades of the 20th century, selling brooms, seeds, and other handcrafts. There was some connection with evaporated milk that made them pretty rich one source stated. A few Shaker individuals are reported to exist in Maine. (Ed. see – “Cohen, the Boston Camerata, and the Shakers” Joel Cohen is “founder” of “World Music Day” celebrated on the Summer Solstice on June 21, this year. See: Fête de la Musique Wikipedia)

Almost a 1000 acres were left in Ohio for the “greater good” in this case a proposed technology “research park” near Kettering. The phase I worked on was as a supervisor of three backhoes and two others to document that though they had disturbed the cemetery where they thought it not to be, and today still is, where we were, through ground penetrating radar survey, excavations and “total station” recording in the State Plane coordinate system, was where the proposed Dayton Power and Light research site could go. No evidence of burials, despite the newly placed granite monument reckoned from historical research and surveyor’s notes relocation were found in the 2.1 miles of trenches dug over 10 days in part through their old apple orchard, at the hot end of a cool summer. I provided a map in the field for the company attesting to the trenches and clearance.

I later assisted the documentation of a partially disturbed Old Dutch Reformed cemetery on a Hudson River terrace, whose headstones were said to have been moved and replaced for plowing and corn every year, those locations however “forgotten” in “Bowdoin Park” which had once been a summer home of financier, J. P. Morgan. A part was a fallen rock overhang prehistoric site excavated by the State Archaeologist Robert Funk and another part excavated by local archaeologists. The area ceded from the county was disturbed by the clearing for a sewerage treatment plant. In Dutchess county’s only park, near Poughkeepsie, NY the disturbance occurred after the permitted and reviewed earlier archaeology testing had been done in phases by different consultants. I took photos from a ladder to document individual burials after topsoil stripping to assist with the analysis with “gridded” frames (string grids). Only the construction disturbed ones were removed and reburied after analysis. The others became part of the new delineated 1/2 acre set-aside once thought from previous testing to be only 1/4 acre, though the contractor I learned in hindsight, had been notified by a local historian of it’s thought larger graveyard from the deed from the church authorities. I had worked on the archaeology of another part of the ceded park parcel, there in winter under a greenhouse and generator for heat towed in on toboggan. Once a ferry landing, and thought earliest settlement in “Dutchess County” it was impacted by the railroad running alongside the east shore of the Hudson River. Later used as a “boys reform farm” whose elderly caretaker had been fired before allowed to replace the headstones where they had been, according to the story. They ended up in the county highway department garage.

Another area was in the research, testing and later excavation of the “First Almshouse Cemetery” in New York City’s “City Hall Park” part of the “Commons and African Burial Ground Historic District” designated by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. I worked for three different archaeology firms on different short-term aspects of it before the 1999 impacts due to the construction or recreating of the 19th century “atmosphere” of City Hall Park, which included security enhancements, i.e, disappearing bollards, etc. in 1999. The US Federal government would later declare the “African Burial Ground” a National Monument after much contested debate. The small “First Almshouse Cemetery” under the “Commons” apparently, disturbed in the site improvements between City Hall and the so-called “Tweed Courthouse” were left in situ as much as possible after excavation, recording and the same treatment for preservation as used in the African Burial Ground site. I also worked at an earlier phase of testing, and in a deep re-excavation of a old power conduit trench, replaced through Chambers Street and into the park and to the “Tweed Courthouse” now the headquarters for the Dept. of Education but at the time a proposed location for the “Museum of the City of New York” which has expanded at its current location since, uptown. The “power” trench from the beaux arts Surrogate Court (formerly “Hall of Records” where an uncle perished in an elevator crash while in a wheelchair just before my father was to ship out to Europe in WWII, and after “boot camp” given a week “grief leave”. The case was handled by the famous lawyer Basil O’Connor, a defender of the handicapped under FDR, my aunt’s husband once a clerk in FDR’s law firm. The family got $5000, “a lot of money in those days”. He worked there with my grandfather, a real estate reporter, my father the youngest of eleven, born on Water Street.) The trench to the courthouse also involved the search for human remains, bits said to be found in excavation nearby the steps of what should be called the “Mayor Fernando Wood” or “Wood” courthouse, he began it, the Civil War delayed it, however and later “Boss” Tweed’s cronies gave it the reputation.

Lastly I helped layout the grid for the ground-penetrating radar at the minimum security facility in Secaucus, NJ, for the “Secaucus Transfer Station” I think it is called and familiar with the research done on it by Joan Geismar, PhD. A large public cemetery part of the “work farm” and county hospital at “Snake Hill” (a volcanic outcrop) in the Meadowlands. It was to have been moved before, the county M.E. had a company who he said did, they investigated, found not to be true, put the M.E. on trial but who died of a heart attack before the case could be finished and determined who and where had been moved to where. It was in the news when better forensics was demanded by one of the ascendants, a nephew of one in the graveyard who was located and reburied. Worked on by the Berger Group, Inc., I worked with one who worked on it in Battery Park on the “swing shift” during the new subway “cut and cover” tunnel construction there. Out of the blue I was fired by the NJ firm working for the MTA for having a blog, just prior to the citywide MTA strike. As you can see, my experience is not in the removals, but I tend to agree with the Iroquois Council, if at all possible don’t move burials. That came after the salt mines collapsed on Lake Cayuga in Myers, NY and when another salt source was found for New York’s winter highways, further west near Letchworth State Park, they when consulted requested that the two there not be moved. Different than what I heard about requests for native soldiers buried in foreign lands be returned to reservations which spurred the NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) former President G. H. W. Bush signed, once a member of the Yale University (whose archeology I studied) “Skull and Bones” that’s alleged to have disturbed the remains of the Apache leader, Geronimo and keeps them in their windowless headquarters. A former professor Marvin K. Opler, PhD, his son a GP MD in the Bronx, his brother Morris Opler, PhD (the doctor’s uncle) studied the long distance kinship structure of the Apache for his doctorate at the University of Chicago and brought briefs to the US Supreme Court over the illegal internment of people of “race” in WWII. Later when settling with Japanese-Americans, the government admitted to “racism”. Others taken from seventeen other countries however have never been recompensed in any way.

Skull and Bones sued over Indian chief’s remains

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Dereliction of Duty: National Guard Allows Admiral’s Row to Collapse

The Historic Districts Council was dismayed to learn earlier today about the collapse of one of the NR-eligible properties in Admiral’s Row, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (

We are outraged that the National Guard has allowed this to happen in direct violation of their own policy. Since the beginning of the environmental mitigation process to supervise the transfer of these buildings to the City, HDC has repeatedly and publicly insisted that the buildings be secured against further deterioration

The unwillingness to protect publicly-owned historic properties, in direct opposition to Department of Defense Regulations ( or, casts serious doubt on the independence of the environmental consulting process and suggests that the fate of these important historic resources was already determined outside of public purview. HDC demands that the National Guard Bureau explain why the mandated measures to protect these buildings were not taken.

Please email the National Guard at to request that they explain their lack of action in securing these historic structures.

The Advocate for New York City’s Historic Neighborhoods

232 East 11th Street New York NY 10003

tel: 212-614-9107 fax: 212-614-9127 email:

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Al Gore may go to NKorea to help US reporters

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Wu Zhi Qiao “Bridge To China” is an organization that may help build a bridge in North Korea. At least maybe the reporters thought so when they were looking at the border.- Qiao Zhi Myers

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