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Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing…

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George Myers from The Bronx, NY

I enjoyed this podcast from these two SNL alumni (plug here for Steve Martin on Jimmy Fallon NBC tonight, who’ll be on that show more?). Glitch on cable TV yesterday had listed the synopsis of the original "Fun with Dick and Jane" (George Segal and Jane Fonda) instead of what ran, the remake with Alec Baldwin ("Jack has got your back") and Jim Carey and Tea Leoni. As the credits ran thanking Enron, Worldcom, Tyco and others sort of a 10th anniversary which I later thought of to agree with you "60 minutes" seemed to be remorseful of the lack of courage of the SEC and Justice Dept. $17 million in energy had to be found for US Fort Hamilton, ironically Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist was the first Secretary of the Treasury. Pres. G.W. Bush fired the head of the US Army, who was also on the board of Enron. Chris Rock not always reminds me of "Rocky" the African American kid in the family on the 1st floor, us on the 2nd in the Patterson Houses South Bronx projects we left for the ‘burbs. That you Rocky?

Dec. 05 2011 12:14 PM Chris Rock interview.


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Hugh Laurie Sings the Blues – The New York Times

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I enjoyed the article and the samples. There’s an opening at the American Museum of Natural History for a Program Assistant/Teacher-in-Training, Live Animal Care Focus. They once had one of those old cases full of live tarantulas! Music reminded me of Al Hirt and boarding up NOLA in the summer of 1979, approaching hurricane fizzled, back to Mississippi.

Hugh Laurie Sings the Blues

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Glenn Close Explains Her Cameo In Lewd Navy Video

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I was just watching “Mind Meld” (2001) I bought and gave for the holidays, with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in an unmoderate­d interview. Towards the end Mr. Nimoy, who once served in the US Army, dons a USS Vulcan cap, from the US Coast Guard vessel and shows a USS Enterprise cap under it he keeps on his shelf. I would hope an apology to Glenn Close is in order. She’s an honorary Riverkeepe­r of the Hudson River in NY/NJ, as is Harrison Ford.  Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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He’s No Murrow, He’s Stewart, and That’s Plenty – the Atlantic

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Interesting article and a comment.

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Tornado In New York? Some Think Massive Storm Was Twister (VIDEOS)

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I can’t see the damage here in Holland Ave., around the corner from Cruger, Bronxdale (former Bear Swamp Rd) and Sagamore Aves., where Regis Philbin, but the wind was different blew through the street from north to south, unusual, west to east, more drifting the snow, and then followed by quite a serious of flashes and heavy wind-whipped rain. My friend was watching the YES Yankee game on cable, and before they brought out the tarps, interference patterns began forming on the TV and the sky grew very dark to the north. I think all cable comes from satellite and perhaps atmospherics the cause. There was a Whole Earth Catalog report of a UHF channel to tune to, if it turns white, there’s a tornado within 2 minutes, though unreliable and the government disavows any such warning, it depends on “supercells” of electrical energy forming high in the atmposphere, not allways in storms, its though before tornados. Someone years ago studied traffic patterns in and out of cities in Texas to see if “weekenders” and other patterns might give them a “seed” which is another story about Kurt Vonnegut’s brother a cloud seeder scientist at SUNY Albany.
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Harlan Ellison launches The Great Ellison Book Purge | Books | Newswire | The A.V. Club

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#97 “Over The Edge stories from somewhere else” is very interesting collection of HE stories. Even more interesting, that the paperback (wasn’t that what George Orwell wanted paperbacks?) has a “Foreword: The Frontiers of Edgeville” by Norman Spinrad and an “Introduction: Brinkmanship” by the author written by the author 8 October 1969 in Los Angeles. Then the story “Pennies, Off a Dead Man’s Eyes” begins without even a blank page! It does give a great introduction to Mr. Ellison, the “who” who’s wrote the stories and an entertaining way of beginning or perhaps ending what we may read. I recall in high school others then arguing for science fiction as literature that should be included in curriculum, after all that’s where protest comes from, troubles in curriculum.

Harlan Ellison launches The Great Ellison Book Purge | Books | Newswire | The A.V. Club

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David Letterman On Regis: Troubled, Explosive Home Life

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I think they’ve torn down the house on Regis Philbin Ave. in the Bronx, NY (a part of Cruger Ave. between Sagamore and Bronxdale Ave.) that Regis Philbin grew-up in or did he have it moved? (Google view: 1990 Cruger Ave., Bronx, NY)  They used to make religious statues behind it.  It’s been for sale for the many years I’ve lived around the corner.  The Bronxdale Pool is an Art-Deco walk-in medical center now, restored, anyone who used to swim there like my mom did, might want to know.  He has a record for longest time in front of a TV camera.,+Bronx,+New+York+10462&gl=us&ei=YgHiS_nyOoGClAeu5bH-AQ&ved=0CBQQ8gEwAA&ll=40.85095,-73.866805&spn=0,0.003433&z=14&layer=c&cbll=40.850201,-73.866833&panoid=d3Q1W2ecJZ2recIKZXXUug&cbp=12,65.42,,0,-5.83&source=embed&output=svembed
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