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Nicole Kidman’s ‘Paperboy’ Scene: Director Lee Daniels Explains Why She Urinates On Zac Efron

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She had already, been on camera in "Eyes Wide Shut", micturating, as she and Dr. Harford are getting ready for the Christmas party. The paintings on the wall are Mrs. Kubrick’s. In "A.I." the little boy robot walks in while his owner, she’s on the toilet, and seemed like "the last straw" for the little Pinocchio. Huffington Post

Actually, its because of a jellyfish!


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Robert Redford: A 72-Hour Campaign for Climate Action

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I work in the archaeology required by local, state and federal law, but as a worker not in administration. I’ve worked in Vermont where new power-lines have to be put in to keep up with demand, also they seem to, on wooden towers, dip dangerously low over water, near Burlington. There is a small wind-farm in the Green Mountains just outside Bennington, VT that is slated for expansion, though the locals want to know why towers taller than the Statue of Liberty (not the current ones) are going up if only to be sold out of their state. Windy area there off the Sleepy Hollow Road, it shows that the government is committed to the creation of clean energy and should continue to promote it and the Congress should get behind similar efforts and studies.

Recently water turbines were placed in the East River, actually a tidal arm of the large Long Island Sound next to Manhattan and I’ve seen data that suggests in some parts of Scotland if underwater turbines were in place a net surplus could be sold, as strong undersea currents are used without harm.

It is difficult if agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency and we have to yell to do their job, if and when they are only there to monitor “acceptable” levels of pollution, without the adversarial power they can have. Let’s not have the Congress take it away from them after these 40 years since President Nixon created it.

Robert Redford: A 72-Hour Campaign for Climate Action

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Rare Woody Guthrie bootleg album surfaces

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Like a bird on a wire…

Many of the old folk and blues music recordings in the archives were done on the wire recorder by Alan Lomax. This is so good to hear. I had a friend who years ago, a woman folksinger, I think told me Mrs. Guthrie had heard the shots from her small apartment in the Dakota that killed John Lennon. I still remember her playing on the Hudson River sailing sloop Clearwater full of pumpkins down at the Seaport. I once sailed on the Clearwater out of Port Jefferson for a sunset cruise on Long Island Sound. We had a concert in Riverhead one summer after selling “Public Citizen” mag subscriptions for NYPIRG in St. James on “water issues” and Pete Seegar and another musician gave us a treat of a concert in the old Riverhead Theater, Gee whiz I hope somebody recorded it! I found my life revolving around the archaeology of the Hudson River after that. I haven’t been to the “Tear in the Clouds” though.

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Northeast US to suffer most from future sea rise

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I recall, there’s a tidal power plant in “Downeast” Maine that was started during the FDR administration that the Passamaquoddy natives run. A huge tidal power plant was once proposed in Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy has some if not the highest tides in the world and it was thought to design one that could provide a lot of energy, which I see one in China does. “Scientific American” published an article which showed that it could have the unintended consequence of changing the tides along the coast as much as half a foot in the Boston, MA harbor quite a distance away. Perhaps some mathematical model might be developed to counteract both as a benefit.
About Climate Change
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Gulf of Maine

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During the Great Depression President FDR authorized a tidal power project in Maine at or near the Passamaquoddy reservation, that was only partially built. The “Half Moon” tidal project was a feasibility study done in the 1970s and I think they have it in place. One of the meeting places I read in the “Quoddy Tides” (some of if not the highest tides in the world) out of Eastport, Maine is at the end of the dock where there is a solar powered lodge. A huge one was once proposed for Nova Scotia but as I recall in “Scientific American” it would have changed the depth of tide in Boston, Massachusetts harbor by 6 inches and from there up the coast a greater change. Some submerged designs in Scotland to me seem the best, the current holds them down to the bottom without superstructure involved. 11/6/06

Newsvine – Tidal Energy Companies Staking Claims

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