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He’s No Murrow, He’s Stewart, and That’s Plenty – the Atlantic

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Interesting article and a comment.


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12/30/2010 at 11:19 pm

YouTube Interview with President Clinton

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09/20/2010 at 4:37 am

The Ground Zero Mosque: What’s It Mean to You?

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The week before, WABC-TV ran a public service show about the “reality” of the claims mayoral candidates were making in an upcoming primary, to be held on 9/11/01. Each was asked what they’d do with a “windfall” the City was about to receive from sale of the World Trade Center, at the end of other questions, rated possible or impossible by a number of reporters. One candidate would build the low and middle income housing promised and originally negotiated for de-mapping the streets and placing the WTC in sole ownership of the NY/NJ Port Authority. He didn’t get my vote, nor any others that day of the primary, 09/11/01.

A company, Ebasco, a large Texas-based power plant designer, with a division Envirosphere I worked for, was once at 40 Rector St., until it threatened to leave the city and was given free rent for 1 and 1/2 years in the WTC by then Mayor Koch, according to a sad secretary blogging just after 9/11. She was on floor 79, I worked on floor 93 or so, they left before 9/11. Envirosphere tested for archaeological resources at Fort Drum, NY, part of bringing the US Army 10th Mountain Division from Camp Hale, Colorado. I later worked at 50 Trinity Place, since torn down, across the street from 40 Rector St. and continued on in public archaeology.

I live near the Muslim Center in the Bronx, and to this day, wonder how many Muslims were killed by Saudis from Germany in their evil suicidal attack? One shouldn’t count, we should heal the wounds. An “anthrax” letter closed Johnson & Johnson’s large wound research center near Bridgewater, NJ, where I was digging shovel tests, required after Hurricane Floyd damages, there and at the West Point Military Academy for another CRM (“cultural resources management”) firm.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Note: What it will never look like: Overlooking the Mosque from the Tarut Fort, Tarut Island, Saudi Arabia. Interesting place, reminds me of all the different peoples and cultures that have arrived on Manhattan.

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08/04/2010 at 4:34 am

It’s Time To Clear the Air at Ground Zero

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About 10 years before, I was taught 3D photo recording from a Canadian firm, from Rollei. They were interested in being prepared, the next time, for an air-crash, in Gander, Newfoundland, when a blizzard covered a US military one. The new system and a helicopter flyover would allow data recreated back in an office on digitizer tablets and PCs. It was used in vehicle accidents in Great Britain, to build a “Crazy Horse Monument” also tested underwater by NOAA. Nearby, an Avianca jet, Flight 52, crashed on Cove Neck, Long Island, that January 1990 after a miscalled fuel emergency. We were testing it in archaeological recording, for an EPA Superfund Hudson River site in Cold Spring, NY, the West Point Foundry where the cannon that “won the civil war”, on the periphery of it and a nickel-cadmium contamination from batteries, for NIKE missiles, once found around major cities.

Why wasn’t on 9/12/01 it declared a HAZMAT Superfund site? I went through a number of training classes to work in archaeology on them, providing numerous blood and urine samples, before-and-after, first to Mt. Sinai’s Occupational Medicine dept., then to another private doctor in NJ. Why wasn’t “martial law” declared in such a large tragedy? Am I “over-managed” in thinking what was good for me would have been good for the responders, some of the first from the Bronx where I live?
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Society for preservation Of Historic cements

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Conference coming to New York City in 2011!

The American Historic Cement Conference
March 31 – April 2, 2011
New York City

Society for preservation Of Historic cements

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07/25/2010 at 10:41 pm

Letters: Meet the Ground Zero rogues – Salon

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Ground Zero and the Sphere

I have worked in the archaeology of New York City for a number of years. I also live in the Bronx around the corner from the Muslim Center there. A few years ago I was at Battery Park, where the “Sphere” the outdoor sculpture damaged in the WTC attack has an eternal flame. I think I witnessed a number of Muslims in black being arrested for praying in the park by the NYPD, just before my “swing shift” (3:30 pm to midnight) archaeologically monitoring the new “cut and fill” subway tunnel through the park, connecting to the new Whitehall station and South Ferry to Staten Island, which 9/11 funds had redesigned due to the lack of full train accessibility to a platform, which on that day must have caused many to panic. The tunnel in part goes under the “Sphere”. The NY Transit Museum in Grand Central Terminal, documents the changes. I also work for a company in the World Financial Center next door to “ground zero” and think that some of the “groundless” stories there sold by hawkers a shame, and suspect why those Muslims chose to pray there that day, a right to assemble and protest guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. One might argue, though Columbus “discovered” it, the Muslim influenced Spanish settled the “New World” first and if you believe it the evidence, a Chinese Muslim explorer was “here” before them, Zheng He, “buried at sea” or in India. We should remember it is not anyone’s sphere but belongs to all.

See BBC “Chinese search for Ming shipwreck off Kenyan coast”  26 July 2010

In 2005, as part of an event in the run-up to the 600th anniversary of Zheng’s first voyage, the Chinese paid a visit to Lamu to undertake DNA tests on a Swahili family, who were found to have had traces of Chinese ancestry.

Letters: Meet the Ground Zero rogues – Salon

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In the view of an anthropologist how would Sep 11, 2001 influence a person? – Yahoo! Answers

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In the view of an anthropologist how would Sep 11, 2001 influence a person? – Yahoo! Answers

First we might consider if it was over cows, wars, pigs or witches, topics anthropologists are often concerned with and narrow it down, for “influence”. In the political economy, it resulted from some ideas in order to have been completed. Take for example “Ground Zero” a term that when I asked a journalist for its origin, that is who used it not what it means, he had no source, but it came from people in charge and carried around the world by media, influencing many. The original term over Hiroshima, is a misnomer the a-bomb exploded over the ground. Depending upon one’s circle of distance away from “ground zero” from those events in Japan, a differential compensation is paid for those suffering from the effects of the radiation exposure and collateral damage. No policy as far as I know has been proposed or considered for the events of 9/11/2001, particularly for NYC where it was described, i.e., “ground zero”.

It seems we might consider that it is over wars, conducted overseas that we cannot stop, i.e., the opium crop in Afghanistan, as much as we would like to, without devoting a large part of our political economy to supporting idle Afghans. We once tried that to return wild Atlantic salmon to the rivers of Maine, they have such good fishing in nearby New Brunswick, Canada. We’d dammed the river, spent much on the “fish-ladders” and then paid off the fishermen of Greenland, where it’s thought the little fish grow. Former head of the Dept. of Interior’s idea. Didn’t work. The US Air Force finally bombed the dams and maybe now Americans can fish in their own country! Unfortunately our Illinois Air Guard bombed and killed some Canadian troops in Afghanistan, apparently on some mood-altering drug, many untested (anthrax vaccine, etc.) it’s said tried out in America’s new “Unconventional war”. That leaves out the cows, pigs and witches and puts the “wars” “casus belli” which might be misleading, perhaps the “daisy cutter” and other bombs killing any life that needs oxygen in a certain area perhaps even more the reason, in “peasant” societies the basis for plotting revenge.


Marvin Harris, “The Rise of Anthropological Theory” and “Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches” a compendium of articles.

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