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Grand Manan: Jewel of the Sea — Excerpt

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Grand Manan: Jewel of the Sea — Excerpt: “More Than A Doctor

‘Dr. John Faxon was the first medical doctor on Grand Manan, arriving in 1808 from the United States. He settled at Seal Cove and one of his favorite hobbies was walking, which he enjoyed when visiting the sick or just as his own personal exercise.

This physician seemed to have an enterprising spirit and was somewhat of an engineer. Noticing the natural land sea wall that separated Seal Cove from the Bay of Fundy waters, he set about finding able bodied workers to cut a passage through this barrier to the sea.

Because of the organized efforts of Dr. Faxon, Seal Cove fishermen now enjoy a beautiful high water harbour.

Dr. Faxon was accompanied by an interesting character by the name of John Tar. Mr. Tar claimed he had sailed under the command of Captain John Paul Jones, the famous American sea fighter. The swarthy sailor continuously went on wild sprees and enjoyed singing of his previous adventures.

One stormy night, Dr. Faxon could no longer stand the conduct or language of John Tar, so he put him out of his home. As he attempted to make his way to a neighbour’s, John Tar fell over a cliff and was killed. The place where the old sailor met his violent death is still called Tar’s Cove.

Dr. Faxon continued his enterprising ways and by 1811 had launched the first full rigged ship built on Grand Manan. When the war of 1812 broke out, Dr. Faxon very hastily returned to the United States and his property went to local residents.

The impact of the island’s first doctor is still enjoyed today by local fishermen, photographers and artists when high tides enter Seal Cove.'”

My family used to have the large old house next to the Provincial schoolhouse in Seal Cove. It was coming off its foundation, a large round presumably salty beach cobble in the thin concrete wall led to it cracking, and we were told the former 12 room house of plaster and lath, was twisting in the winter winds on the hill, out as it were, in the open. Finally the decision was to paint or not to paint, we are the Province, and we had it taken down. It might have had some historical importance and later monies might have aided another attempt at repair. Someone said they played basketball in it! They say you can still hear a “down east” Yankee accent in Seal Cove.


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Universal Studios Streets Of Fire – The Phoenix Project Pt II – Rebirth «

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Astounding! Breathless! A “piece of the action” and a new “Dick Tracy”? Maybe they could work in a Columbia University dissertation found in Gloria Swanson’s collection at the Harry Ransom Center, at The University of Texas at Austin: Raymond Witham Daum (archivist, Gloria Swanson Archives, 1980-1982) Dissertation (Columbia Univ.), 1976, “A Film Study of Some Aspects of Urban and Rural Communities of a Twentieth Century American Indian Group: The Mohawks of Caughnawaga and New York City” and 2″ Video, 1 item, “To Be an Indian” dedicated to Gloria Swanson, 55 min. How about “Under A Killing Moon”? or work in the “top offs” that native Mohawks in the past had when the steel work was finished on the skyscraper or other structure they work on. Looks ready for its closeup.

Robert Gardiner, a last direct descendant of the Gardiner’s Island Manor, the last intact one in North America, told me once that Gloria Swanson once told him she said it would take a “Vivian Leigh” to play his great-aunt’s story, First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler, a very young bride of an “old” President, after her father, US Senator Gardiner, two Cabinet members and others perished after the “Peacemaker” exploded saluting George Washington’s Mount Vernon on the Potomac River on the USS Princeton, the modern one he served on in WWII. The “Peacemaker” was cast in an “English” forge, at least they affected that in their elaborate crest on their carriages he said, on the West-side of Manhattan, which was once archaeologically tested, for Donald Trump’s proposed “TV City” in a company I worked for. It was where the largest crankshaft single casting for an ocean going vessel’s engine was once made, and the first as a “freebie” if it proved viable, “out-ranging” most cannon of the time, as the British Navy once did in the bombardment of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.

How about a film about “The Rose Of Long Island”? The “Siege of Richmond” actually stopped long enough, after former President Tyler, for the Confederacy, died in Richmond, Virginia, she had ridden all night having a vision of his passing on, and shooting on both sides stopped long enough for her entourage to cross lines out of respect for the death. She returned to New York City, where she later lived on Staten Island. She was also involved in a large lawsuit over a contested will, involving large properties in Manhattan, which became a law school question for Robert Gardiner he denied though it referred to his surname. Wills had not generally been contested before.

Sorry, I got carried away…Captain Kidd’s treasure was dug up by the British in the end of the 19th century from Gardiner’s Island, he according to one historian, “the most maligned character in history” as Captain Kidd had a map on his person when hung and it was before there was a USA, all criminals property is property of the Crown, Mr. Gardiner told me he had researched in England. I heard it was used, an India’s princess’s dowry, to build a seaman’s hospital and home in London, England on PBS.

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Discover 1812 | Trip Ideas: War of 1812

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It’s been reported Ontario, Canada has $5 million for the bicentennial events commemorating the War of 1812, New York state, $5,000. This link shows some of the issues on the Canadian side which led to the bombardment of Fort McHenry and the burning of the White House in that war the Canadians claim they won. Discover 1812 | Trip Ideas

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Talking about: Planet Washington: Here’s what the U.S. wanted the British to keep secret

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Comment and perhaps what the British wanted the US to keep secret:

The “cooperation” is not only “ahistorical” it’s also an imitation of bad methods and procedures. In NYC during the American Revolution prisoners, including Ethan Allen were tortured by a Major Cunningham, in a prison what would be today next to City Hall, cited by the NY Times (1909) as “blacker than any black hole of Calcutta” and many thousands perished around the NYC harbor in dis-masted prison ships, a light supposed to be lit in their memory in Fort Greene, Brooklyn where what is left of their human remains are kept. A questionable “first almshouse” cemetery under the walkway in front of the Horace Greeley statue is in City Hall Park near it a statue in front of City Hall of Nathan Hale, who hung as a spy regretted only having one life to lose for his country. In retaliation for blowing up the fort that became Toronto (actually self-inflicted during the American invasion) the White House was burned in the War of 1812 which America lost, conceivably the lesson learned, to stay within its own borders. Not that British intelligence is that good either, recently two secret reports were found far from their offices, left on a train or somewhere else reported in their news. Around the corner from Guantanamo, America’s “last slaver” “Wanderer” sank in a storm on Cape Maysi, which had in 1858 had helped start the Civil War. Are our methods becoming another reason for anarchy? I hope not.

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The Secret Bowling Alley

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Bowling is probably as old as New York (New Amsterdam) and was played down on “Bowling Green” now a park. It was once I recall outlawed as “10 pins” so it was then played with only 9 and the prohibition revoked. Another story is that thunder heard around the Hudson Valley is the Knickerbockers bowling. More likely the early cannon “proofing” at what became the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY which had its offices in Manhattan. Congress authorized its creation shorty after the nation’s founding, to be one of its foundries producing cannons for the new US Navy, which later was “born” on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812, particularly at Sackets Harbor, NY on Lake Ontario.
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Newsvine – Group wants probe of contractor role in renditions

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The “shanghai” of citizens of other countries was one of the issues we fought the War of 1812 over, the taking of seamen from our ships to be used in the British Navy, besides the invasion of Canada that led to the burning of the White House and the fall of Baltimore, MD. I cannot see how the “ideology” of America is served by the clandestine purchase of over 20 jets and the imprisonment, in some cases suspects paid for from informants, without due process or anything remotely like a trial. I’ve also seen the so-called “observations” of “dangerous” people in our own hemisphere, John Lennon on the Stony Brook University, NY campus and info obtained under either the FOIA or the FOIL (in NY) of another working for archaeologists in Puerto Rico, and quite frankly, in both cases, the persons watching should have had sobriety tests, in my opinion.

Waving money around, or I’ve read recently, putting phone numbers on American cigarette packs to call for info about turning in “insurgents” reminds me a bit of how badly the leaflets were dropped in Somalia which translated “We are here to enslave you” due to the screw-up in intelligence and translation it was reported in the American press. This again is another example of Republicans complaining about the “War Powers Act” as used by Democrats and when in office pushing them to the limits, after running for office on the promised limitations of such acts. Where is the oversite? Former President Bush in the first term stated the VP was in rights to keep his high-level meeting secret with the energy industry and I guess that’s where it started, everything else too, secret, even from the Executive branch’s own budgetary review agency, and above subpoena by the Office of Management and Budget, the OMB.

I hope this investigation continues for our own ethics and safety and because it is in violation of other nation’s law, one, Ireland whose citizens who wore black shamrocks the Easter it “caught” the US flying through its airports in “extraordinary rendition”.

Newsvine – Group wants probe of contractor role in renditions

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Canada to Conscientious Objectors: Find Another Border to Cross

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I’m an American, whose born in Canada grandfather may have been one of the youngest there to serve in the their Black Watch in World War I, in the trenches and gassed. He would later serve here through 3 more “wars” in the merchant marine. I also have to study America sometimes for the legal requirements of archaeology in historic sites proposed to be developed. In NYC, where I am, the first US Congress met and two “National Guard” units were once in what was the city’s theater district and various burial grounds now known as “The Bowery”. One unit, “Steuben Rifles” its officer in courts martial after the so-called “Draft Riots” would be called out to march to Washington, DC to protect it during the Civil War. The other had the famous 7th Regiment or Park Ave. Armory built for it with private funds.

In the Vietnam era, ten years in which the US Congress failed to declare war, which only it can do, I heard that less than 1000 National Guard personnel ever even saw Vietnam, millions did, and many joined it to escape the draft which ended during my 18th year, I had a number, those of that age since allowed to vote.

I feel many of the National Guard, many in their 30s and even 40s are the wrong people to pull out of society and make serve where the other branches of the service do not, in Iraq and Afghanistan. What of the 50,000 troops we keep today in Germany? And what of others? We have calamities in weather, fire and design here in the US the National Guard could be helping instead, which I thought was why it was created, the perceived “last line of defense”.

Whereas the “hopped up” Illinois Air Guard also killed five Canadian troops with bombs in Afghanistan and it took three days for former President Bush to apologize, I am not surprised that Canada would continue to make what we are doing an “issue”.

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