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Tony Randall’s Widow: We Had Frequent Sex – Entertainment on The Huffington Post

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Eli Wallach just received a lifetime achievement award at a film festival in Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre, I think I heard on the radio driving back to NYC from Mansfield, PA. He and Clark Gable were good friends. Although I don’t know how many awards Mr. Randall had, (or deserved) he surely, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a wonderful "cultural resource" for New York City and we are grateful for his contribution to the serious side of acting that he established. It was in the early years of theater that the Bowery had many staged productions and theaters. Later, the Yiddish Theater near there, founded by Boris and Bessie Thomashevsky, whose grandson, Michael Tilson Thomas is a classical symphony conductor, survived long enough to give us people like Walter Matthau, part of the original "Odd Couple". Sometimes in America, whole places can be waved away with the wave of a hand or the signing of a bill, and it’s important that New York City keep all its theater arts alive, as Tony Randall had stated by example. Tony Randall’s Widow: We Had Frequent Sex – Entertainment on The Huffington Post


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01/09/2008 at 4:20 pm

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